My first day as a blogger..bloggie…bloggist??

So just a quick post to let you know what my blog’s about. I realize that in todays world many of you have the wrong view of teenagers and seem to think that all of us are hoodie wearing, binge drinking hooligans who are going to steal your purse and throw rocks at your window. Well i am here to create the right view. We are most definitely not all like that i, for one, do not own a hoodie and frankly i’m embarrassed that anyone would accuse me of owning one. My blog will give you an insight into the life of, at least one, teenager. So sit back and read whist day by day i reveal the tricks of the trade, challenges and perks of being in the most famous stage of life, the teenage years. I don’t know if anybody will be interested in my life or if this will turn out to be a complete failure but oh well, this is the right time to embarrass myself as by the time i’m 30 i will probably not even remember it and neither will anyone else. So i hope you enjoy reading it in the days to come and please sign up…

lots of love